One Conversation Begins Another...

Johnny Taranto and Paolo Maltoni had long talked about their vision. It would be more than an inviting and light-filled showcase for exquisite, hand-selected stone. More than an atelier of highly skilled artisans, dedicated to quality and their craft.

Like an ancient agora, theirs would be both marketplace and meeting place, where anyone with a project to discuss or a simple need for advice could feel welcome and confident in finding a comfortable chair, a ready ear and relaxed conversation with a knowledgeable professional.

In 1996, they made their dream real, and called it Les Ateliers Stone Age. Today, the conversations continue…

Johnny Taranto, Associate

Johnny Taranto
"Our inventory has grown over the years, and we search the world for exotic stones. Offering the unusual makes us specialists. Offering our level of expertise, craftsmanship and personalized service has made us a valued resource."

Through the front entrance, turn right. Stroll past the showroom to the glass office – and there’s Johnny. Don’t be misled by the youthful looks. He has years of experience, exceptional resources – and a genius for finding innovative solutions to challenging forms and designs.

Paolo Maltoni, Associate

Paolo Maltoni
"We meet deadlines, but we never rush – not the conversations with our clients, not the preparation or execution of their projects. We work hard to keep the job running smoothly at every step, but the first step is always listening hard."

Paolo’s warmth is infectious. It’s also the key to his uncanny knack for correctly assessing client needs and getting the best out of everyone with whom he works. Paolo and Johnny share the glass office on the far side of the showroom. Stop by and say "hello".